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COVID-19 Vaccines Effectiveness

COVID-19 vaccinations are effective in  reducing the risk of fatal sickness, hospitalization, and severe illness. The protection against mild and moderate disease is, however, is deteriorating over time; particularly among some groups, according to public health specialists. (CDC 2022)

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Proven Safe

Less than 0.012 percent of the 88.7 million doses given to Canadians resulted in significant adverse events, a very small percentage. The COVID-19 vaccination should not be any different from the other vaccines that have been given for many years with no signs of long-term negative effects.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not ‘Experimental’

Although they were developed rapidly, science that has been around for decades was used. Extremely robust data from clinical trials and real-world use in many millions of people show that vaccination is safe, and offers good protection against becoming infected and excellent protection against serious illness or death from COVID-19. There are no reasons to believe that current COVID-19 vaccines should have long-term effects as they cannot alter cell genetic material. They just teach your body to recognize the code of the virus, then disappear.

More robust protection is offered by hybrid immunity than by infection-acquired immunity or vaccination alone.

The information we have indicates that hybrid immunity is stronger than immunity resulting from an illness or vaccine alone. Hybrid immunity’s lifetime has not yet been completely described, and it is unknown whether it will continue to offer effective defense against certain Omicron sub-lineages (such BA.4, BA.5) or prospective new variants.


Source: Alberta Health Services